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Montevallo Military Veterans Banners

•   As of November 2023  •

Montevallo Main Street, led by Executive Director Courtney Bennett and sales coordinator Kirk Lightfoot, initiated the Veterans Banner program in the summer of 2019 with the objective of having them ready to install for public display in time for Veterans Day, 2019. Forty-seven banners were sold to families and organizations  wanting to honor specific individuals. By Veterans Day 2022, 132 banners had been sold. The original group of banners was recently retired and banner sponsors were given the option to renew them. Going forward the collection you see here will serve as an archive for all banners that have been sold from the beginning. Two new banners were added in time for Veterans Day 2023. 142 total banners have been sold to date.

Cliett Hendrick
Army Template
John A
Robert Ingram - PRINT
Walter R
Eligie Ellison - PRINT
James E
Clayton O
Dr. Milton L
Zane Nathews
James Robert Harris - PRINT
Rafael Vasquez - PRINT
John Williams Orr - PRINT
Grady R
Phillip McEntee - PRINT
Arthur Holcombe - PRINT
William Muehlbauer - PRINT
Jack Pritchett
Teamon E
Donald Lovelady - PRINT
Wesley Lovelady - PRINT
Henry Winslett - PRINT
Charles Cottingham Sr - PRINT
Reginal Carl Bolton - PRINT
Charles Knowles - PRINT
John A
Elbert B Cottingham - PRINT
Wilson C
Frank K
Edward Everett Stephens - PRINT
Robert E Ingram - PRINT
Charles E Thompson - PRINT
Charles Edward Binion Jr - PRINT
Benjamin F Cathey - PRINT
James L Pete Holcombe - PRINT
Hoss Eddings - PRINT
Floyd Jerry Bush - PRINT
Roosevelt Cunningham - PRINT
James Robert Geddings - PRINT
Tillman E Davis - PRINT
Richard Fox Sr - PRINT
Dudley Pendleton - PRINT
James Jones - PRINT
HG McGaughy - PRINT
Larry Birchfield - PRINT
Edward M
James A
Pat Kelly
Emory Odom - PRINT
Douglas Ray Allen - PRINT
Farrel Cecil - PRINT V2
Terry Daviston - PRINT
John Timothy Birchfield - PRINT
John C
James Bagley - PRINT
Charles Edward Binion Jr
Loren V
Freddie Andrews - PRINT
Larry DeVinner - PRINT
Wayne Beaty - PRINT
William W Siener Jr - PRINT
David Peeples - PRINT
James David Seaman - PRINT
Charles Cottingham Jr - PRINT
Donnie Harris - PRINT
James S
Charles E DeVinner - PRINT
Sam Simone - PRINT
David Crenshaw - PRINT
Mary N. H
Georgene Watson
Henry A Jordan - PRINT
James Hardy Edwards - PRINT
James A
James D
Bert J
Herschel H Day - PRINT
Thomas R
Kathlyn C
Tommy Watkins-PRINT
James E Holsombeck - PRINT
Evans Belcher
Emily Belcher - PRINT
Bob Lightfoot - PRINT
Ted Allen - PRINT
Garvas Dean Jones Sr - PRINT
JH Corky Bice - PRINT
Thomas Burns - Print
Billy Jack Haynie - PRINT
Henry A
Benjamin Day - PRINT
Chovine Davis - PRINT
Phillip Oakley Hurst - PRINT
Eileen Moxley-PRINT
Robert Farrington - PRINT
Robert Marty Flynn - PRINT
Jennie Anderson
Leslie H Hubbard - PRINT
Sam D
Calvin J Crocker - PRINT
William L. Bill Lawler Jr.
Jackson William JW Nelson - PRINT
Thomas G
Steve Smitherman - PRINT
Lewis E
David Crenshaw
Walter Johnson
William P Wyatt - PRINT
Billy Pendleton - PRINT
James Huey Walker - PRINT
Hoyt O Hicks - PRINT
Thomas Taff - PRINT
Robert L Readal - PRINT
TG Jerry Haynes - PRINT
Nancy K
Kenneth Ellison - PRINT
Chester Bethea - PRINT
Janeth Day - PRINT V2
Ralph E Beane - PRINT
Bubba Brown - PRINT
Joseph A
Charles Naivar - PRINT
Brenda Fortune-Underwood
Traci N
David M Boman - PRINT
Jeff Connell
Anna Poellnitz - PRINT
Eugene B
Eulas Mitchell - PRINT
Michael Melton
Mitchell A
BC Crocker - PRINT
Cecil W Dickson - PRINT
Todd Lilly - PRINT
Kelvin Lilly - PRINT
James Moore - PRINT
Keri Mitchell - PRINT
Noad J
Colby Lucas - PRINT